What’s It Like, in Rhyme.

I’m glad to report that all is fine.
We have happily found good food and wine.
The kids have a soccer ball with which to play.
And great WiFi allows me to work each day.

Now for those who have never been here,
Let me make some myth and fact clear.
Annecy people do shower and do NOT smell,
And the women do shave, as far as I can tell.
The people are friendly, not all uppity and snooty.
But they really don’t care where their dogs do their dooty.

However, we do see and smell lots of cigarette smoke,
And nothing but skinny jeans on almost every bloke.
If you are near the crosswalk, the cars ALWAYS stop.
But the neighbors’ music is heavy-bass techno instead of pop.

Now we live in the Alps and near a huge lake.
There’s centuries of history and long hikes to take.
There’s French language to learn (our accents are strong).
But the culture just is. It’s different, not wrong.

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1 Reply to “What’s It Like, in Rhyme.

  1. Homeschooling seems like the perfect time
    to educate your kids in the art of rhyme
    This post, it seems, is perfectly honed
    time to grow this skill at home
    such a thought I had as I read this out loud
    from your dear sister (and aunt) who is oh so proud

    Jody, I’m sure you will excel at teaching them other subjects, well, probably this one too.

    Hope all is well!

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